Twitter has just provided a significant amount of drive to ads from Russian-backed media outlets. Point to be noted that the company wasn’t quite anticipating during the year 2016. An email obtained by BuzzFeed News and it has indicated that Twitter has offered Russia Today up to 15% of its U.S election ad volume in the month of June 2017. It wouldn’t have been as large as ad buy of 32% for Fox or 56% dedicated to CNN, but there will be an actual chance you might have noticed. But, it is still unclear whether it would reach at 3 million U.S dollars price tag motivated the decision or RT turned the offer down.

15% of its Election ads Offered by Twitter to Russian Media Outlets

It is important that Twitter hasn’t yet challenged the rightfulness of the email. But, the company said that the company doesn’t have any comment on private chats with an advertiser and even any former advertiser. Point to be noted that concern of the U.S Democratic National Committee about hacking had recently appeared at the time when Twitter was announcing its offer. It shouldn’t be considered alone in inadvertently aiding a propaganda effort of Russia. During the current week, word emerged that Facebook had provided advertisers electoral demographics. This move made it easier for Russia to take advantage of social divisions. The Twitter measure conclusively demonstrates how internet giants weren’t fully attentive of what can be happened by motivating key Russian advertisers.