The Chief of LAPD Charlie Beck said in a statement that three teenagers from cadet program of the department stole 3 vehicles of Los Angeles Police Department and went on patrol around the city prior to leading authorities on wild chases that resulted crashes. Beck said that two boys and a girl ages 15, 16, and 17 were involved in cheating the system and used a vacationing sergeant’s name to sign out shock guns and radios. They drive the cars right out of a stationhouse parking lot. Police department is investigating either they mirrored officers and pulled over drivers. All three teenagers were arrested with 2 vehicles after two massive chases ended with crashes in South of Los Angeles. The third police car was later found around the corner from the police station.

3 LAPD Vehicles Stolen by 3 Teen Police Volunteers

The LAPD Chief Beck said in a press conference that he had ordered an entire review on the cadet program and policies of the department for arranging and managing stock-taking process. All three teens were part of a program for teen volunteers working in police stations and go through an academy to learn about the U.S criminal justice system. The authorities are still looking to find out when these cars were actually taken, but Beck indicated that investigators are considering into the reality that at least one of the vehicles had been found missing since 28th May 2017. A police officer was patrolling on Wednesday in South Los Angeles discovered 2 stolen police vehicles driving together and tried to pull them over. The teens driving the cars refused to stop and originated police chases that ended with 2 separate crashes.