As we know, NASA already has a large number of scientists regularly working with many research teams from different universities and non-profit organizations. NASA has established the SSERVI (Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute) to supervise some of its participations. Now, the agency has included 4 new teams specific to Moon study, Near-Earth asteroids, Martian moons photos & Demos to roster of SSERVI. The 1st group from the University of Colorado has planned to manage study on robotics, astrophysics, cosmology and heliophysics with the availability of advanced manned space exploration. The 2nd team is specifically working on a project named “TREX” (Toolbox for Research & Exploration). TREX will work to develop tools and mechanisms for the manned exploration of cosmic bodies covered in fine-grained dust.

4 New Research Teams for Solar System from NASA

The 3rd team from Institute of Technology, Georgia will find out the impacts of radiation to the human-made mixture of materials. They will also discover how real-time detectors will provide more support to minimize the effects of harmful radiation for astronauts. The project ESPRESSO (Exploration Science Pathfinder Research for Enhancing solar System) has been assigned to 4th & last team. It would provide a significant amount of help for NASA to understand harmful & dangerous events. These events can supposedly harm to robotics and human exploration operations in space. The scientists will be able to predict and prevent those events after successful operations and better understanding regarding the events. Point to be noted that the Agency had selected above mentioned 4 out of 22 proposals.