The Walmart isn’t letting up in its mission to one-up Amazon whenever needed according to availability, especially when it comes to in-person pickups. The retailer is now testing a kiosk in the city of Oklahoma. It will enable you to pick up your online groceries at any time of the day. It has been considered more feasible because you will save more time of parking your vehicle and waiting for a staffer to provide your desired food item. Now, you just need to enter a pickup code and wait for the kiosk to automatically dispatch the order against your generated request. You have to spend minimum 30 U.S dollars and place your order during store timing, but any type of additional fees will not be charged or there will not be other limitations.

Walmart and Amazon

You might experience more kiosks similar to this service in the United States. All these kiosks depend on feedback over the next several months. It is important that Walmart is well prepared to explore a similar concept in the United Kingdom. It is also experimenting with vending machine such as Pickup Towers in at least 5 cities across the United States including Houston, Bentonville, Raleigh, Detroit and Atlanta. This streamline of process will retrieve non-food orders, but it might not be shocking if Walmart pushes forward. Now, Amazon has just started its first drive-through grocery store and they are piloting an internet-powered grocery store without checkout lines. It is important that if Walmart doesn’t automate some of its shopping experience, there might be a significant amount of risk for Amazon.