A Facebook user Jessica O’Hern shared a video on 25th May 2017 and allegedly marked-out live worms crawling out of recently naked Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies snack cake. Point to be noted that O’Hern was unable to include commentary in the video. So, a number of viewers assumed that the worm crawled out from the snack cake. The video clip spread virally across Faceook as it traditionally happens when someone upload a gross-out video of a well-known snack. O’Hern said in a separate post that “My fiancé just bought a pack of the Cosmic Brownies and opened the packet. A live worm was found on the one side of the Brownie and then another worm started to come out from middle of the Brownie.

Buttery Worms Found in Cosmic Brownies of Little Debbie

This post was shared thousands of times. A Facebook user also informed in the month of June 2016 that he had discovered Worms in Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies. It is important that a representative from the company also informed that they had inspected the alleged package and discovered signs of buttery worms. The representative added that the life span of a buttery worm gives an idea that the insects were penetrated the snack cakes during the manufacturing process. After the incident of Cosmic Brownies, the representative from Little Debbie informed that a woman posted the claim, but she didn’t respond to the attempts of the company regarding investigation. They confirmed once again that the insect in question reappeared to be a buttery worm. It is an insect with a too short lifecycle and these worms are hard to survive during manufacturing, shipping, sale and storage at home.