The Kansas special election was not according to the expectations of Democrats. They didn’t seriously participate in Montana and they were unable to beat Jon Ossoff’s run for an open House seat in Georgia. But, Democrats got 2 seats in Oklahoma on Tuesday. It was once-blue state where the former U.S President Obama reduced them to a back end party. It has been considered the 4th acceleration in a state senatorial race in the current year. Michael Brooks had lost a race in 2014 for the 44th Senate District of the State, but now won it on Tuesday by 9 points. Karen Gaddis had lost the race in 2016 for the 75th District of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, but now got victory by 5 points.

Why Democrats were hoping for Special Elections in Oklahoma?

The political editor of Daily Kos, Carolyn Fiddler wrote that Donald Trump was correct regarding one thing during his campaign that “we are going to win so much”. It doesn’t mean that Democrats are winning and over-performing in a numbers of special elections since he elected. Each and every victory is much closer than expectations and it happened in a low-turnout environment. It was said that 10,482 ballots were casted in 2014 when Brooks lost the Senate race. But, only 3,619 ballots were casted on Tuesday and the turnout for Republicans fell by two-thirds and half for Democrats. So, only 7 Democrats will be able to sit in the 42-member State Senate. Democrats had got 22 seats in the 2008 election, but now most of them have lost their seats.