Two government officials earlier said that FBI Deputy Director McCabe might be looking to resign from his post at an eligible time for retirement in March 2018. The Deputy Director of FBI, Andrew McCabe has announced his resignation on Monday. He has been a target of ceaseless faultfinding from the U.S President Trump and a number of Republican legislators. Point to be noted that the second-in-command of the bureau resigned at least one month before this announcement. One official at the bureau said that an increase in the leave time of McCabe will enable him in getting full benefits of retirement. The Director of FBI, Christopher Wray has indicated that there was an option to appoint McCabe at another post within the bureau, but the Deputy Director finally decided to leave.

Andrew McCabe resigned

It is important that McCabe ranked up through the National security and Counter-terrorism. He served as the Acting FBI Director during summer 2017 when Trump fired then-Director James Comey in May 2017. The U.S President criticized McCabe for changing the decision and not criminally charging his election challenger Hillary Clinton due to her private email server use when she was the U.S Secretary of State. The FBI has indicated that McCabe hadn’t personal conflicts because he didn’t supervise the inquiry when his wife Jill McCabe was driving for state office in Virginia as a Democrat. McCabe joined bureau in 1996 and served at the highest levels in the bureau for Republican and Democratic administrations. The former U.S Attorney General Eric Holder said the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been considered a dedicated public servant and served his best for the country.