A large number of news outlets informed that the Ex-Twitter Vice President Raffi Krikorian has been selected by the Democratic National Committee as its Chief Technology Officer. He was currently working as the Senior Director of Engineering at Advanced Technologies Center of Uber, but he left the company in the month of February 2017. Point to be noted that Democratic National Committee had experienced a large number of cyber hacking issues during the U.S Presidential Election 2016. Most importantly an email hack as the information was subsequently posted by WikiLeaks. So, advancement in the cyber defense for DNC would be the top priority for Krikorian. The DNC Chair Tom Perez informed in the month of January that he needed an in-house Cyber-Security Officer to work with the state partners, not just for the DNC.

DNC Appointed Uber Engineer Raffi Krikorian as Chief Technology Officer

The Democrats from Pennsylvania were massively hit with “Ransomwar” in the last year and in the month of March 2017. The FBI also confirmed that a large number of cell-phones of Democrat officials had been hacked. Some other roles for Krikorian might include some continuously needed updates in the technology to the DNC campaigns. The Democratic National Committee has made it clear that they were looking for a perfect one in presenting innovations in how the party uses technology for the job posting for CTO. It is important that Democratic National Committee hasn’t yet declared that when Krikorian will join the DNC to start his new job.