The trouble with the ever-moving Tour de France might be dozens of cheeses, barrels of beers and wines, pates and cold points on each stage. It can be rude to protest as the Tour scheme deep into Burgundy. It has been considered one of the comestible focal points. Every town, village, and region have a practically specific and special dish, and drink or both of them. The current tour stopped at Troyes and has been considered home to the sausage especially made of sliced and boiled intestine of the pig. The Nuits-Saint-Georges has been one of the famous wine labels of Burgundy. Stage 7 of Tour de France will be a playground for the powerful sprinters and they will make way for climbers in the mountains.

Tour de France Burgundy

The Burgundy Snails recipe mentions them cooked in the oven with fresh parsley butter and garlic, and served in their own shells. The two-pronged fork is being used to pick them out and ready-to-cook snails are being sold in cans. People can also collect them up after rain in the wild, cease them for a week to wash out their intestines, clean them in salt water and boil them for at least 5 minutes in water with vinegar. Let them out of their shells and cook them between 1 or 2 hours, but it depends on the type of species such as chicken and white wine with an onion, celery, herbs, and fennel. Now, let them cool prior to putting them back into their empty shells by adding garlic-parsley butter. Roast them for at least 10 minutes until the butter bubbles.