The oldest daughter of the family of Erica Garner (New York police chokehold victim) said that she experienced a heavy brain damage due to a heart attack. Erica Garner has 2 children and she was a committed advocate for social justice. On Saturday, she experienced the major cardiac problem before lapsing into the coma. On Wednesday evening, a statement was issued by her family on the verified Twitter page of Garner and said that a CT scan indicated Erica experienced a heavy brain damage due to a lack of oxygen while suffering cardiac problems. Police also confirmed that 43-years old African-American man Eric Garner was illegally selling contraband cigarettes on 17th July 2014 at a street-corner of Staten Island.

Erica Garner

A number of police officers participated in the arrest attempt of Garner because his weight is more than 300 pounds. The police officer Daniel Pantaleo seized Garner in a chokehold and other officers joined to throw Garner on the ground. An eyewitness recorded the incident with a mobile-phone and this captured video shows that Garner requested “I can’t breathe” just shortly before his death. The death of Garner was declared a homicide, but the grand jury of Staten Island rejected to indict Pantaleo. Later, the city agreed to pay 5.9 million U.S dollars to the family of Garner. Erica Garner was considered a merciless leader of Black Lives Matter movement. She experienced first heart attack after a birth in August.