The food manufacturers have been able to slam the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). They cleared claim onto their manufacturing products that soy protein has proven in providing heart health benefits. But, the FDA has moved to revoke on Monday regarding its heart benefit claim. It has been considered for the first time that the agency attempted to null a formerly authorized health claim. The FDA issued a statement that the agency is proposing a rule to abolish a health claim about soy protein and heart disease. It is the first time that agency has considered it essential to propose a rule to cancel a health claim due to various studies have been published since the claim was authorized in 1999. At that time, the agency presented contradictory findings regarding the relationship between soy protein and heart disease.

FDA is Looking to Cancel Soy Heart Health Benefit Claim

Point to be noted that the FDA has authorized 12 health claims to date regarding the packaged foods. Other famous claims include those linking calcium and vitamin D utilization to a lower risk of specific bone diseases. There were also some kinds of fruits and vegetables with a lower risk for cancer. But, the linking of soy protein to heart disease has proved more delicate as more information has come during the past couple of years. It is currently a proposed rule that hasn’t been finalized. But, if the soy health claim does become an authorized regulation, food companies might still slam a qualified health claim regarding their products. These kinds of claims still need to be clarified due to there are some limited evidence proving the linking between soy and better heart health.