A few shots fired by Hillary Clinton in the continuous civil war in the Democratic Party between devotees and the far left liberal supporters of Bernie Sanders. The statement extracted from her new book, “What Happened”, she strongly blamed Sanders for the rise of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton said in her book that Bernie Sanders was agreed with her on policy issues, so he had to help to “innuendo and impugning my character”. She added that his attacks caused long-term damage and making it more difficult to unify progressives in the U.S general election. It also paved the way for “Crooked Hillary” campaign of Trump. It referred to the branding the Donald Trump hit her through the campaign. She admitted that Bernie shared my horror at the thought of Trump in becoming U.S president.

Fired up the Democratic Civil War by Hillary Clinton in her New Book

Hillary Clinton added that he didn’t get into the race in making sure a Democrat won the White House and he got in to disturb the Democratic Party. She added that Sanders was basically wrong regarding the Democratic Party. But, she admitted that he was right that the party was unable to focus on working class families. One of the path followed by Sanders supporters as a slight against him was this judgment: “I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Sanders was too”. She claimed that former U.S president Obama stopped her to not attack Bernie. She added that “Obama supported me to grind my teeth and lay off Sanders as much as I could, so I felt that I was in a straitjacket”.