On Monday, the clothing retailer H&M confessed for an alleged image appeared on its online store website. The image was showing that a hooded sweatshirt wearing on a black child model. The statement “coolest monkey in the jungle” was printed on his shirt. Point to be noted that company washed-out the alleged image from its online store website on Monday. The company also confirmed that they will pull alleged shirt from its worldwide stores. This image was heavily criticized online for its controversial word “monkey” printed on the shirt due to this word has long featured in ethnic and racial insult. An Ethiopian based Canadian pop star first criticized the clothing giant. He wrote in his Twitter account that he will decline to work for the company in the future. H&M said in a statement that the company is agreed with those who were upset regarding the image. We deeply really sorry, that the image was published online and we also apologies for the printed words. So, we aren’t just eliminating the image from our online website, but also from our entire garment products offering worldwide.

H&M Confessed for Printing Alleged Slogan on its Shirt Featuring Black ChildOn Monday afternoon, the alleged shirt was still available without the original model image on its British website. The company also confirmed that it will be investigated how the alleged image appeared on its online stores in some European markets. The will investigate why this kind of mistake happened in order to avoid such kind of mistake in the future. Similar kinds of mistakes happened in the advertising field. The soap company ‘Dove’ owned by Unilever also apologized in October regarding its Ad on Facebook. The alleged Ad was showing a black woman was removing her brown shirt to present a smiling white woman beneath a brilliant white shirt. This Ad was widely criticized for presenting a racist scene that black people can be white using their soap. Dove said in a statement that they are committed in presenting the beauty of diversity. But, they missed the mark with this ad, which was then eliminated from their Facebook page. The skin care brand ‘Nivea’ also pulled an alleged ad in April that used the slogan “white is purity”. Pepsi also apologized during the same week regarding an alleged television commercial.