The government of New Jersey closed a beach to the public and now the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is defending his use of this beach. He said that he formerly announced his vacation plans and the media outlets just caught “a politician is keeping his word”. On Sunday, the Republican Governor was photographed by He was sitting on a beach chair in sandals and T-shirt at Island Beach State Park prior to talk to reporters in Trenton. On Monday, Christie informed WTXF-TV in Philadelphia that he had formerly declared his plans to be at the State-Owned beach of Governor house regardless of either there was a closing for the public use.

Why Island Beach State Park in New Jersey Closed to the Public?

He indicated that media simply “caught a politician keeping his word”. He added that New Jersey has beaches for at least 20 miles and there are a number of options for anyone want a beach day due to 4th July is approaching. The budget of New Jersey created a deadlock between the Republican Governor Chris Christie and the Democrat-controlled lawmaker is set on fire with the State government order of closing state parks to the public as the 4th July is approaching. The Governor said that he had signed any budget sent to him from lawmakers and accused the Democratic Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto for closing of nonessential services. He further indicated that he would consider the Democratic budget along with lawmaking to refurbish the biggest health insurer “Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield” of the State.