The authorities said on early Wednesday that one of the NYPD officers has been killed while sitting in a police vehicle in the Bronx. The killed police officer was identified as 48-years old Miosotis Famila and he served 12-years veteran of the police force, and she joined the 46th Precinct. The Commissioner James O’Neill and police sources indicated that 2 other cops gunned down Familia’s alleged attacker after an exchange of fire. The attacker also blasted the mobile command post parked near E. 183rd Street, Creston Avenue at 12:30 am. The captured surveillance footage indicated that a 34 years old shooter was walking toward the command post. The gunman fired one round into the head of Familia when she was wrapping up her shift in the Fordham Heights neighborhood.

Familia NYPD officer killed

The partner officer of Familia crazily screamed into his police radio for help. The officers heard shouting moments “Shots fired”! Just after the happening of the shooting incident. Familia was badly injured and shifted to St. Barnabas Hospital, but she lost her life. A large number of police officers saluted Familia outside the St. Barnabas Hospital. The Commissioner O’Neill said in a press statement at St. Barnabas Hospital that another police officer was also treated at the hospital for trauma and it might be an unprovoked attack on police officers. The Officers of NYPD Anti-crime unit gathered distress call of her partner encountering the escaping gunman. The suspect was identified as Alexander Bonds and his criminal sheet shows an attack on a police officer with brass knuckles.