The lawyer is initiating a lawsuit against Fox News for allegedly altering quotes in a report regarding slain staffer Seth Rich of DNC (Democratic National Committee). On Tuesday, he said the he is looking to have U.S President Trump and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to testify under assurance regarding their roles in the affair. On Tuesday, Yahoo News also reported that the U.S attorney Douglas Wigdor is representing the investigator, Rod Wheeler and he is looking Trump and Spicer to be witness. Wigdor said that “We are going to submit petition of this case and we need to witness anyone who has related information”. Wheeler was frequently appeared as a guest on Fox News to discuss the matter. He confirmed that he never made any quote related to him or investigation.

Why a Lawsuit Filed Against GOP Donor and Fox News Reporter?

He added that there were some kinds of email exchange between Wikileaks and Seth Rich, including someone from the federal government and it might be Hillary Clinto team or Democratic National Committee to stop the ongoing investigation. The indicated about allegations that Malia Zimmerman (Fox reporter) and Ed Butowsky (GOP donor) were appeared as a contributor in Fox News shows. They created a fake story regarding the death of Rich by attaching him to the DNC email leak, but the intelligence officials widely mentioned that it was a cyber-attack by Russian hackers. It was also said that Zimmerman and Butowsky were met in April with Spicer to discuss about Rich story. It is important that police department had mentioned that Rich was killed one night in July 2016 during an inferior robbery attempt.