At least 20 thousand concert participants were forced to move out from a music festival in Barcelona over the weekend after the flames destructed the event stage. The fire incident took place on Saturday night at the Tomorrow-Land electronic music festival and it captured a large portion of the stage. The event was held at Parc de Can Zam in Barcelona and firefighters said that investigation has been initiated to find the cause of the fire. At least 12 firefighting units struggled around an hour to control the flames and they were able to handle the situation just before midnight. The festival organizers have mentioned in a statement that the stage caught fire due to a technical problem and all 22 thousand visitors were safely evacuated without any injury reported.

Fire at Music Festival

The authorities will initiate an investigation to find the cause of the fire in collaboration with the local Spanish organizer of UNIT. Firefighters also confirmed that there wasn’t any critical injury reported during the evacuation process. But, the private security of the event treated at least 20 people with anxiety or minor injuries. A video has shown that fire was started from the top of a tall temporary structure. There was a large screen on the stage showing the performer singing. The flames spread rapidly until they captured the entire stage. Regional authorities have indicated that fire has completely destroyed the stage. This festival in Barcelona has been considered one of the several offshoots of the main Tomorrow-Land festival in Belgium.