On Thursday night, the international terminal at Miami Airport was closed temporarily. The Miami-Dade police officials said in a tweet that it was due to police shot a knife-holding man and the situation involved just a single suspect, but now it is under control. The incident happened at the same time when people were leaving Miami due to Hurricane Irma was approaching at South Florida. The WPLG further indicated that the suspect was behaving carelessly and ultimately the contest rose, so the police officer pulled his gun and at least one fire was dropped. The suspect then entered into a second restricted area and it allowed him entry onto the asphalt. The suspect fled into a room armed with a knife.

Miami Terminal was Temporarily Closed due to Police Shoot a Man

The terminal was immediately evacuated and closed. The police officials have indicated that 30-years old suspect was then shifted to a nearby hospital and his condition is now stabilized. An investigation has been initiated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement regarding the police-involved shooting. After a shot amount of time, police reached into the terminal where suspect and his wife were standing, and announced to evacuate the terminal immediately. The police said that the shooting incident was necessary. The shooting incident happened at the airport when it was heavily accommodating travelers trying to leave Florida due to expected power Hurricane Irma with category 5. The shooting incident created agitation at the place that was already hectic due to Hurricane Irma.