A news-like link was circulated on social media in the month of August 2015 reporting that the production of a most popular soft drink (owned by Pepsico) Mountain Dew was going to be Closed. Point to be noted that the appeared link was referring to a original news story and it was initially generated by a well-known website FeedNewz. The entire content was user created published on FeedNews.com and anyone having an internet connection can use this website including a prank.link and fakeshare.com in order to create and publish fake news headlines.

Mountain Dew

It was reported that when users on social media tried to click on the given links created by one of the above mentioned websites, the users were redirected to a page “You Got Owned”. It is important that FeedNews.com also motivated everyone who was get fooled by the prank to share the content again within their own social media circles in order to make pranks viral. Point to be noted that the website FeedNews.com also supported to spread fake news and stories regarding MMA champion Ronda Rousey experiencing an examination of drug test, Channing Tatum is coming out as gay and the Taco Bell Fast Food chain has planned to close their entire outlets.