The FCC has been cautious to review into millions of allegedly fake comments. These fake comments found supporting the decision to kill controversial Net Neutrality and it might be a restrained statement. The Commission did nothing to handle the alleged issue for several months, repeatedly stonewalled investigation of the New York State. It is being expected that there might be some acceptable progress. The Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman has announced that the office of the FCC Inspector General has Reversed Course and looking forward to cooperate with the inquiry from the State. But, it hasn’t yet mentioned that what kind of cooperation will take place in order to find out the actual facts behind allegations, but it might break the virtual silence.

New York State will get help from FCC to Investigate Alleged Fake Comments

The New York Attorney General Schneiderman and the Commissioner of FCC Jessica Rosenworcel also joined the 28 Senators. They are calling on the FCC to delay the voting one Net Neutrality until it can arrange a review regarding the alleged comments. Rosenworcel said that it is unacceptable that the FCC is planning to punch-up net neutrality based on fake comments and an alleged rejection of service attack. Though, it has been showing a positive sign, but it shouldn’t be considered that the FCC providing as much help as New York requested. We will not let them alone act on the investigation and the FCC should delay the vote until the completion of entire investigation regarding the issue. It is important that the Chairman of FCC, Ajit Pai has clearly indicated that he will attempt to clean out Net Neutrality in any case of public opinion.