There are various news stories before Harvey is predicted to make arrival and comparing it to Tropical Storm Allison. Meteorologists have indicated that the major threat of Harvey is its lengthy duration and conceivable for heavy rainfall. There are 2 major factors that are making Allison one of the most deadly and destructive events in the history of Texas. The surprise destruction of Allison was so disgraceful due to residents of Houston normally remember the tropical storm as a hurricane. Actually, its top speed with winds measured just 60 mph. Allison shouldn’t be considered too strong and it might be considered a weak Category 1 Hurricane. The inaccurate term is tireless due to both death and damage often caused by the tropical storm.

Why Most People are Comparing Tropical Storm Harvey to Allison?

The Allison caused at least 30 thousand residents homeless, 22 fatalities and property damage more than 5 billion U.S dollars in just Harris County. The stretchy and slow movement of Allison potentially caused the tropical storm to float over Houston for several days, which caused a significant amount of rain. Most areas of Houston experienced at least 10 to 30 inches of rainfall between 5th and 9th June. It was considered the first tropical storm having its name and finished after massive destruction without categorizing it as a hurricane. Now, Harvey has approached having the similar threats of flood theorization factors. The meteorologist from National Weather Service, Dan Reilly said that the storm is projected moving slowly across Southeast Texas. It is still raining over the Texas coast for 3 days.