On Wednesday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin presided over the last declared chemical weapons in the country. Putin also described the termination as a Historic Event and complained that the United States has failed to eliminate its own chemical warehouse. The state television carefully arranged the broadcast of the event and cast Putin as a peacemaker and mentioned him as a defender of international law. The event was supposedly designed to neutralize the reputation as he has realized aggression and contravening of international standard in the middle of military intervention of Russia in Ukraine in 2014 and in Syria. Now, Putin used the occasion to take a dig at the United States and suggested that it was playing a devious double game by pushing back the U.S goal to terminate its chemical weapons.

RUSSIA Destroying Chemical Weapons

The official of the U.S State Department said that the Washington fully complies with the treaty and had started to destroy the leftovers of its stockpile stored in Pueblo, Colorado and Richmond, Kentucky. The official added that the United States is well committed to the complete destruction of its declared chemical weapons stockpile by the end of 2023. Point to be noted that both United States and Russia hold the biggest stockpiles in the world. They signed an agreement in 1993 and went into force in 1997. They were supposed to destroy their entire chemical weapons by 2012 under an international agreement (the Chemical Weapons Convention). Both countries didn’t meet the deadline, but Putin said on Wednesday that Russia is 3 years ahead of a 2020 deadline as it had set for itself.