North Korea was previously connected its internet link using a hard-wire to China, but they will no longer be. Bloomberg reported that North Korea has now succeeded in getting a second link to the World Wide Web using Russian cyber-security firm “FireEye”. A website “38 North” also confirmed this initial report and this website indicated that a second internet connection will go active on Sunday. It would provide an alternative method to North Korea in accessing the internet. Beside from the accessible benefit of iterating access, it might take the edge of the expected foreign attempts to block their service. A report issued on Sunday that U.S Cyber-command had been threatening the hacking group of the government of North Korea with blockage of service attacks for up to 6 months.

Russia will Provide a Second Internet Link to North Korea

It wasn’t yet confirmed if their method will be effective due to the East Asian country has a second connection to the outside internet. It might also affect the U.S and UN ability to diplomatically cut off North Korea from the internet. The latest sanctions of the UN Security Council prohibited oil and gas coming into the country. They could also threaten North Korea in the future for their single internet link through the Chinese state-owned, United Network Communications. Now, the United States and United Nations might put pressure on both countries. The CTO of FireEye informed Bloomberg that Russia might also get something from this deal. But, North Korea is now keeping its internet going out and coming in traffic safe.