A source informed the Washington Post that the social giant has discovered evidence that Russian agents purchased ads on YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and Double-Click ad Network of the Company. It clearly indicates that Russian actors were went through entire the large Silicon Valley ad firms. Point to be noted that Twitter and Facebook recently announced similar attacks. The report has mentioned that Google ads weren’t purchased by the group affiliated to Vladimir Putin that purchased ads on Facebook. It indicates the problem might be more widespread than just simple thoughts. The social giant didn’t respond to comment on the story of the Washington Post. Sources of the company said that Google is now investigating ad buys of less than 100,000 U.S dollars to examine whether they used it for Russian state actors.

Russian Interference in the U.S Election Found in Google: Washington Post

The company previously claimed that Russian involvement in the U.S election wasn’t due to Google or it is not problem of Google. The social giant also said that the company always deeply monitors for abuse or violations company policies and their experts didn’t find any evidence from their ad campaign platforms. Mark Zuckerberg was also forced to apologize for the involvement of his social network for Russian misinformation that allegedly affected the U.S Presidential election results. The investigation of Google is still in early stages because the number of accounts and amounts hasn’t yet figured out. A research group believes that the interruption of Russian groups on Facebook, Twitter and other networks were massively reported incorrectly.