On Friday, a serial cat killer was sent to county jail for 16 years. He was allegedly involved in stealing, torturing and killing at least one dozen cats in Cambrian Park area in San Jose. NBC Bay Area reported that the killer Robert Farmer found convicted in killing 18 cats and injuring at least 3 cats in the fall of 2015. A judge read the names of the cats clearly during sentencing of killer Farmer and pointed out that the body of informer’s cat named Go-Go hadn’t yet been discovered. The owner of Go-Go, Miriam Petrova said that “The killer had mentioned termination place of her cat and other victims of Farmer. Now, after at least 2 years and 15 hearings we have received justice for our beloved babies”.

Serial Cat Killer Robert Farmer sent to Jail for 16 Years in San Jose

NBC reported that one of snatching incident was also captured on camera. On 8th October 2015, a dead cat was found in Farmer’s car. Police also discovered evidences of blood, fur, fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife in his car. A necropsy indicated that at least one of Farmer’s victims killed by a pointless force trauma and supposedly have been sexually assaulted. Myriam Martinez is one of the owner of killed cats, said that Farmer should also be register as a sex criminal. She also shared her feelings in her post on a Facebook group “Justice for our CATZ”. This page was created by the cat owners. She said in the post that “It is senseless that how anyone mistreat other animals, beat them and torture them, put them to death”.