A disturbing story about a depressed military father travelling in military circles found on the internet. He expressed his story as he experienced greatest fear when he separated from his loved ones during his military service and posting in different region. He expressed the fear of all parents who might not be present at the time when their children need special care from them. He disclosed his terrifying homecoming from an absence that unconsciously heightened a tragedy and generated a lifelong guiltiness. He indicated that there might be misdiagnosed illness (supposedly asthma or heart condition) or any kind of accident is responsible for the death of his wife. But, it was proved that his absence might be severe for his children.


He had two children and died due to hunger and their father was the first person to discover their dead bodies. When we tried to find out the authenticity of this story, we found that 24 years old Sgt. Gregory Voelcker from the U.S Air Force was stationed at Royal Air Force (RAF) Mildenhall base of Britain. He returned to his home after performing a temporary duty in 1991 in Greece. Then, he discovered his wife and 2 children dead in their home. The Autopsies of deceased had indicated that his wife 27 years old Lorraine Voelcker had died due to natural causes and their 2 children (2 years old Galen & 16 month old Elizabeth) were died approximately after 10 days of their mother’s death due to they experienced thirst & hunger.