The founder of Tesla Company Elon Musk said that the first project with Solar + Battery from Tesla is going live in Puerto Rico. Tesla has used its solar panels and batteries in order to restore electricity at a Children’s Hospital (San Juan’s Hospital del Niño). This project was started due to Puerto Rico was hit by 2 destructive and massive hurricanes in the month of September and Musk announced to provide Tesla help. Tesla Company has announced its success in getting the power working again of the Children Hospital within less than 3 weeks after Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello tweeted on Oct. 6 in the initial conversation with Musk. Tesla’s image of the project’s solar array, in a parking lot next to the hospital, has been liked more than 84 thousand times since it was posted to Instagram on Tuesday.


Musk tweeted earlier this month that some of his company’s work is being rerouted so it could increase battery production for Puerto Rico & other affected areas. El Nuevo Dia has reported that the new power system of the hospital allows generating all the essential energy. The newspaper also said that the facility has 35 permanent residents with chronic conditions and it also offers services to some 3 thousand young patients. The head of the hospital informed Nuevo Dia about who is paying for the power system that it’s a donation and after the energy crisis is over, there will be a deal in making it permanent. Both Rossello and Tesla Company tweeted about the project this week. Tesla said in a post that it was grateful to support the power recovery of a Children Hospital in Puerto Rico. Rossello said that there was a major contribution from Musk and Tesla in the recovery of power failure for the Children Hospital.