The U.S President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to downsize the policies especially designed to fight climate change rigged out by the former U.S President Barak Obama. This order has been considered a major push involving everything from the U.S federal policy-making to “Energy Star” regulations on home appliances. Now, current executive order of Trump allows its administration to rewrite carbon emission rules for new and prevailing power plants. It will restart the U.S federal coal leasing program and it will enable energy companies to buy the rights to mine on the U.S federal lands once again. The U.S government will not be able to consider how the U.S federal actions will impact climate change during conducting reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act.

Trump Signed an Executive Order to Downsize Climate Change Policies of Obama

This Act specifically includes construction such as the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The administration of former U.S President Obama presented the “Social Cost of Carbon” metric. It measured how global warming is affecting everyday life for the citizens of America, but the currently signed executive order of Trump will dismantle this measurement. The U.S President said that current executive order would enable job growth in the energy market of the United States. An annual report from the U.S Department of Energy indicated that at least 1.1 million people worked in 2016 to generate power in the conventional oil, coal and gas industries, and more than 800 thousand people worked in low carbon emission fields including renewable & nuclear power. The Department of Energy further mentioned that last year wind employment increased by 32% and the U.S Solar Energy Workforce marked up by 25%.