The Associated Press Washington informed on Wednesday that the U.S President Trump has announced his selection for FBI Director. Trump has selected a former official from the U.S Justice Department who served as the personal lawyer for the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Trump early in the morning posted a tweet of just two sentences and indicated the nomination of lawyer Christopher Wray. Trump mentioned Wray as a “Man of impeccable credentials”, but Trump didn’t much explain about his new selection and ended his tweet with these words that “Details to follow”. New FBI director has served in a leadership role in the Justice Department during the administration of George W. Bush. He was head of the criminal division and overseeing investigations into incorporated fraud at the time when Comey was Deputy Attorney General.


It was the time when Wray took charge of a task force of prosecutors and FBI agents arranged to investigate the Enron scandal. Wray has always been considered a traditional selection for the job with having a powerful law enforcement background. The U.S President Donald Trump forwarded the task to current and former politicians including former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman to select the best one for this position. Lieberman might face a challenging process, so he pulled his name from selection members. It was expected that Comey will describe his issues with Trump in front of the Senate intelligence committee. Point to be noted that there were some issues between Trump and Comey for weeks before his firing on 9th May 2017.