The authorities are preserving their efforts in getting access to the iPhone of Texas mass shooter; in spite of they missed their first opportunity. A report published by the San Antonio Express-News that warrants for Apple provided to Texas Rangers for data on both the suspect’s iPhone SE and one LG cell-phone. The State law enforcement unit needs access to both local and iCloud info, including calls, messages, and images produced since 1st January 2016 in the case of iPhone. It is still unconfirmed whether officials have collected information since the warrants were issued on 9th November. The company refused to comment and mentioned that it might be a discussion of law enforcement issues.

Warrant against Apple

Apple said in its previous statement that it had offer assistance immediately to the FBI after 7th November press conference about mass shooting and affirmed to facilitate with the response, but FBI didn’t make any contact for help. The warrant of Rangers might put Apple in a most difficult position. The iPhone itself is another issue, but at least some specific data would be accessible with a warrant. Point to be noted that NYPD has missed first chance to unlock the phone without a password, but using the fingerprint of the shooter. The nature of iOS encryption makes it too hard for Apple and anyone else to access locked data. The FBI paid security experts to get files of the shooter in the case of San Bernardino attack. Apple might be faced with a situation where it can’t fully fulfill data requests.