Uber has taken a number of steps to clean up its poisonous corporate culture. The company has fired a number of employees and hiring new experts, but various unpredictable changes will be right around the corner. Both Recode and Reuters have indicated that board of Uber had arranged a meeting on 11th June to collect recommendations generated from its workplace environments and various executives might be on the smashing block. Reuters sources indicated that the company chief CEO Travis Kalanick might end up temporarily and stepping away from the ridesharing company at least for a while. After his again joining, he might experience a different position for him by reducing powers. It will be helpful regardless how much directors have confidence on Kalanick.

Uber CEO

Point to be noted that his mother recently died in a boating accident and his father was seriously injured. The leave of Kalanick might be understandable in the situation of his great loss. Some other executive will experience an unpredictable future including the senior VP Emil Michael (one of the closest advisors of Kalanick), human resources lead Ryan Graves and technical chief Thuan Pham (who recently refused complaints of engineer Susan Fowler). The Wall Street Journal also mentioned that Michael might resign on Monday. It is important that the board is supposedly adopting a change in management and policy reforms after the purported investigation. Uber officials refused to deliver any comment, but we should wait until official response of the company.