Today, Facebook has announced that the company will enable users in finding their liked or followed pages created by the Internet Research Agency between the months of January 2015 and August 2017, and it has been considered a part of its ongoing transparency efforts regarding alleged Russian intervention. The social giant said about its planning to reveal the tool by the end of 2017. It is going to live in the Facebook Help Center including added Instagram accounts information. Facebook mentioned in a blog post that people know very well that how foreign actors tried to grow division and uncertainty. The social giant also said that the company has discovered information and it will come forward to share it publicly.

You will Receive Alert if you liked a Fake Russian Post on Facebook

The social giant also mentioned that the company has delivered such information to congressional investigators. Facebook announced last month that Russian interference had reached more than 126 million people on its platform. It doesn’t include the additional 20 million who were reportedly discovered on Instagram. The General Counsel of the company, Colin Stretch has since testified before a U.S House of Representatives committee investigating Russia’s involvement in the U.S Presidential Election 2016. Stretch said that the social giant is deeply concerned regarding these entire threats. Stretch also said that the social network is improving its engineering efforts and hiring more ad reviewers, and collecting more information from political advertisers to crack down on these Dangerous elements.