The Washington Post reported that 2 U.S Marines have been restrained for posting disgraceful comments on social media regarding a female U.S soldier. It has been experienced for the first time that U.S Marine Corps have been punished officially about online misbehavior related to nude photo scandal last month. The 2 on-duty U.S Marines from 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment were positioned in California. The Washington Post also indicated that both Marines posted disrespectful comments regarding one of their commissioned leaders and a female Marine. Female victim had completed infantry training and both alleged Marines have reduced in rank and pay scale.

2 U.S Marines Punished for Posting Disgraceful Comments Online

The Unit Commander, Lt. Col. Warren Cook said in a statement that U.S Marines and Sailors from 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment aren’t allowed for any kind of personal attack online or elsewhere on their Marines. Cook further added that this type of activities get a move in the face of our core service values and our organization rejects to ignore it. Last month, the U.S Marine Corps experienced critical scrutiny & criticism at the time when it was announced that the U.S Naval Criminal Investigative Service was found onto a Facebook group and shared U.S female servicewomen’s nude photos on the social media. It immediately started a crack down on the social media habits of the U.S soldiers regarding publishing updated guidelines. It specifically prevented various types of sexual harassment online.