The Twitter profile of a Chicago business consultant represented himself as a volunteer for the former U.S President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now, he has been fired from his job for tweeting derogatory remarks about the widow of a murdered Navy SEAL. It is important that the slain Navy SEAL was honored by the U.S President Donald Trump on 28th February 2017 in his speech to Congress. The alleged Chicago business consultant (Dan Grilo) was serving as a principal at Liberty Advisor Group in Chicago until 1st March 2017. He reacted against Gold Star Widow Carryn Owens when she tearfully applauded on the Trump’s honor to William Owens “Ryan” (U.S Navy Special Operator Senior Chief), the 1st American fighter died during his presidency.

Dan Grilo Fired Due to Negative Tweet about Widow of U.S Navy SEAL Ryan

Grilo tweeted that Carryn Owens wasn’t helping herself or the memory of her husband by Standing there Clapping like an Idiot. The tweet of Grilo went viral on social media, in spite of less than 5 thousand followers, but received a number of practical criticisms including the son of the U.S President Donald Trump. Some of them took it upon themselves to aware the employer of Grilo (no longer linked to the company) because he acted calmly to manage the negative publicity by posting the alleged tweet. Point to be noted that the name of Grilo and his profile was disappeared from the website of Liberty Advisor Group on 1st March 2017.