The Juno probe of NASA is reaching where any man-made spacecraft was unable to reach and it is right at the spinning Great Red Spot of Jupiter. A famous astrophysicist from Harvard, Jonathan C. McDowell mentioned that the images of probe might be breathtaking. Last night at 9:55, Juno was set to float over the Jupiter’s Red Spot. The huge bloody cyclone is at least 350 years old and it is too larger as compared to Earth. He said that experts and nonprofessionals have long wondered at the seismic storm, now it is the time for close-up. He added that “We were never too close to the Great Red Spot prior to this amazing discovery. The images are showing multi-colored, alien cloudscape and a little psychedelic up close.

Juno Probe of NASA Reached near Great Red Spot of Jupiter

It is amazing that they just mounted a camera on Juno unwillingly. Now they are very happy in finding new discovery. NASA has indicated that the Juno-Cam will be floating right above at the height of at least 2,200 miles away from the Great Red Spot. The Juno probe will take at least 11 minutes to reach the center of the gigantic cyclone. Experts have predicted that they will see winds going in an oval and it might be a huge hurricane hundreds of years old. It had shrunk a little and its red color has tattered in the past century, but it is still very strong. The scientists believe that they will learn regarding its extraordinary magnetic fields after getting the higher-resolution images. They will find more details that how the spot is behaving with the belts of Jupiter.