The Israeli defense firm will deliver an advanced technology to Pentagon. The Defense One indicated that this new tech has the ability to jam or take down equipped drones operating by ISIS. The contract is estimated at 15.6 million U.S dollars and it will be delivered with Man-portable Aerial Defense Systems Kits and it is similar to the shoulder-fired missiles. The department of USAF has planned to purchase communications & electronics devices from an Israeli Aeronautics Industries (IAII). This new system of jamming device is called “Drone Guard”. The AIA indicated in a press release that this system has the ability to detect, identify and Jam small sized USAVs using 3D radar & electro-optical sensors. The jamming system can interrupt flight of a drone or redirect back to its source point or shut down its entire system causing crash landing.

New Drone Guard System Purchased by U.S Air Force from Israel

Most of the recently captured images in Iraq are showing that ISIS has used some types of drones not just for battle field observations, but also used for bombing & suicide explosive missions. A Kurdish media outlet Rudaw also mentioned that drones operated by ISIS used bombs & explosives to destroy equipments and killing civilians. Point to be noted that there is more critical situation because the Iraqi security forces had discovered chemical weapons in an ISIS lab. It was assumed that terrorists used them by drones in Mosul and caused massive number of civilian injuries. It is important that the U.S Air Force hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the supposed purchase of this new system, but the Defense One has indicated about current efforts to handle small sized drones.