The robotic vacuums of Roomba are now available in various models with different prices. It has been considered that the company is doing fairly perfect, but one of its most remarkable and probably contestable money-making strategies hasn’t yet implemented. A new report has indicated that one of Roomba’s activities for the future involves its fancy little cleaner bots as Trojan horses. But, the process of tiding up would map a layout of your home and then forward this information to the company in order to sell it to the highest bidder. Reuters reported that Roomba manufacturer iRobot is optimistic on the selling point of view what it got regarding your home to someone else. The iRobot boss Colin Angle informed Reuters that there is an entire ecosystem and services and the smart home can deliver if you have a rich map of the home and by default a user allows sharing.

Roomba has Planned to sell Your Home Mapping Data

It sounds more than a little strange, but some companies are pushing into the smart home market and most probably to gather the data. Some products such as smart speakers, high-tech thermostats, security monitors and various other gadgets might get benefit from layout knowledge of your home. But, the iRobot is actually needs to sell data information and it might need to be unidentified. The company can scrub any personal identifiable information and sell it to others. The collected mapped data has its own value, especially for larger companies such as Apple and Amazon. These companies are selling at a large scale and might exploit trends of home maps collections.