The FBI spokeswoman in Anchorage said that a suspect has been arrested involved in the death of a woman on a cruise ship in the waters off of Alaska in the United States. Staci Feger-Pellessier didn’t release more details in the news conference regarding the plans of the office of U.S attorney to announce charges. A 30-years old woman resident of Utah has died on Tuesday night on the Emerald Princess Cruise ship. On Wednesday, some details were released regarding the dispute and investigators are working hard to solve the issue. The cruise ship is in the middle of a weeklong trip left from Seattle on Sunday and it docked in Juneau on Wednesday morning. The U.S federal officials have planned to announce the filing of charges regarding the death of a woman aboard on the cruise ship.

A Suspect Arrested after the Death of a woman aboard on Emerald Princess Cruise Ship: FBI

The office of the U.S attorney said in a statement that a new conference will be held on Thursday to announce the filing of charges regarding the death of a woman aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship and she was resident of Utah. The statement indicated that the representatives from FBI and the U.S Coast Guard involved in the investigation will also participate in the news conference planned on Thursday. Point to be noted that there were 3,400 passengers and 1,100 crew members on Emerald Princess cruise ship on a weeklong trip and it left Seattle on Sunday. Passenger are being allowed to step out from the cruise ship in Alaska after the death of a 39-years old Utah resident woman due to a domestic dispute.