If you need to put funds in your bank account, PayPal can be unsatisfying. It might take one or more days in transferring process and it is a major issue when opponent services such as Zelle can promise faster access to your money without acquiring a separate app. Now, PayPal has announced an instant money transfer option in the United States. So, if you are willing to accept the option, you just need to give 25-cent transaction fee. You funds will be transferred into your bank account within a couple of minutes or not more than 30 minutes in a critical situation. If you need to withdraw money from PayPal prior to your shopping trip, it will be ready to use by the time you get to the store.

Transfer Money to your Bank Account using PayPal in the U.S

This service is currently available just to a handful of PayPal users as a beta version. It will ultimately be available to entire Americans in the coming months having valid Visa debit cards or MasterCard. This valuable addition might help if you have been drifting toward substitute such as Zelle. You might likely be using PayPal if you understand that you can always get fast cash in a hurry. It is another way for PayPal for generating more income, though 25-cent fee may not be too much, but it would add a considerable amount in the company’s account. It is important that company racked up 1.7 billion transactions just in its first quarter. You may not agree in giving a tiny amount of your money to get your money, but it would help PayPal.